It’s the Little Things We Do

As anyone in a relationship knows it’s the little things we do that can make or break it. For some people something little like their partner’s constant nail biting or chewing on their hair can make you snap. For others these things are easily ignored or even cute.

In a relationship it’s the little things that add up to the whole. It’s also one of the reasons I want to bitch slap girls and women when they say they ‘love’ someone that they’ve never talked to. Seriously? How can you love someone you know nothing about?  Better stop that rant before I even begin.

My husband has a whole list of things he does that are annoying. He snores, seriously snores, like makes choking noises and everything. I make him sleep with a Liberator Wedge under his pillows to tilt his head up, but that only works until he ends up sliding down it in his sleep. My friend’s husband has the same snoring problem. I can ignore it while she kicks her husband out of bed and makes him sleep in the spare room on bad nights. I just smack my husband and shove him onto his side.

My husband likes to strip in random places leaving piles of clothes all over the house. He has recently taken to grunting while eating chips, but only while eating chips. He has a habit of giving me a two/one day notice about going to a concert while I’ll be forced to watch our son.

The list goes on.

There are a lot of things that annoy me that my husband since ’99 does. So why the hell am I still with him?

Because it’s the little things we do. While those things annoy me (the concert one seriously ticks me off and we end up fighting when he does it) he also does little things in his favor.

He brings me flowers just because he can.

He buys me chocolate when he goes to the grocery store knowing I won’t buy it for myself.

He does the laundry knowing I hate to do it.

He makes sure to tell me he likes my new hair cut when he knows I just got it done.

The list goes on.

In the end the little things he does that are in his favor out weigh the ones he does that annoy me to no end. And any relationship is made or broken by the little things we do.


About Marcia Young

I’m the wife of an NCO and the mother of one, home schooled, special needs child. I have won several people’s choice awards for my fanfiction under the moniker MLMonty. All of my current published works can be found via Smashwords and other retailers under my nom de plume Marcia Young. I am currently open to finding a new literary agent and publisher.
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