New Addition

After just over a week’s wait we finally got to meet the new addition to our small family. The Greyhound Kiowa Hero Heidi was met with great anticipation by everyone, particularly my husband. Little Bill gave her a seal of approval that only a Jack can give; he ignored her. He did beautifully, for a dog that’s been attacked by others on several occasions the best approval he can give is ignoring her. They sniffed each other and then he promptly lost interest in favor of marking bushes.

Heidi is a shy thing despite being fostered for at least three months. It’s interesting to watch her though. I’ll call her to the back door to let them outside and she’ll get off her bed, walk halfway to me, hesitate, then run back to her bed. A bit frustrating to be sure but we’re taking it slowly. Heidi was considered an aggressive racer. She didn’t retire till she was five and half years old.

My son and husband treat her as if she’s a delicate flower that could be broken under the slightest pressure. Bill is confused at her refusal to play; how could anyone not want to play with a ball? As for myself I mostly ignore her. It seems to be the best approach. Sometimes she’ll start to follow me only to run back to the safety of her kennel if I acknowledge her.

Her play bow is absolutely adorable; I only wish she knew a game other than tag or would play with someone other than me. I was told just last week I’m not allowed to run, lunge or squat due to my knee being re-injured. Guess what tag with a Greyhound involves?

If all goes well we’ll officially adopt her this weekend ‘3/9/2013’


About Marcia Young

I’m the wife of an NCO and the mother of one, home schooled, special needs child. I have won several people’s choice awards for my fanfiction under the moniker MLMonty. All of my current published works can be found via Smashwords and other retailers under my nom de plume Marcia Young. I am currently open to finding a new literary agent and publisher.
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2 Responses to New Addition

  1. Me says:

    She is gorgeous! 🙂

  2. marciayoung says:

    Thanks. We’re working on her being less shy and we plan to take both Bill and Heidi to training to get them over their fear of strange dogs. Bill has been attacked several times by leash-less dogs and Heidi runs from strange dogs. They both need to understand it’s okay to see strange dogs.

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