It’s Just a Damn Car!

It started off innocently enough. My husband was working nights for a week so he’d text me when he got bored. All of a sudden I get:

‘I want a new car’

‘Um, are you serious or just yanking me?’


‘Oh, okay I thought I’d have to bury you in your truck.’

Since I knew it’d annoy him I started looking on Carmax for cars. I’d find outrageous ones. ‘Look at the Porsche! I can pay cash for the 2010 one! Okay, it only got 19mpg on the highway, but hey it’s a Porsche!’ Sadly they didn’t have any Aston Martin’s or Alfa Romeo’s.

Apparently my joking around bit me in the butt. He decided that he didn’t want to keep paying 60$ to only partially fill up his tank. He loved his Avalanche to death. It was his baby. It now sports a rear camera, touch screen and a bunch of other options that it didn’t come with back in ’04.

My husband decided he needs a hybrid! Why a hybrid? Because of gas mileage. I pointed out that there were plenty of cars nowadays that got 30mpg or better without being hybrids. His argument was that why settle for 30mpg when he could get a car with 40-50mpg?

Okay, a good argument. After a ton of research he decided he wanted either a Volt or Prius v 5. Then came the jokes.

I had mentioned on my personal FB account that he wanted one. I have very few friends on my FB. Most of those are family. Redneck family at that.

  • Apparently my husband will have to turn in his ‘man card’ for getting one. (To which he replied that he was aviation and that they could get away with less manly things.)
  • The Army would kick him out. (to which my husband replied ‘Yay!’)
  • Only gay people buy hybrids (or at least the Prius).
  • Only hippies buy hybrids. (and here I thought frugal people would flock to it)
  • They don’t get the mpg they they claim (partially true it depends on the car, some get better)
  • They break down easily (not true)
  • The battery is expensive to replace (yes, but it has a warranty and my transmission is expensive to fix too and I’m still waiting for that part; it’s on national back order)
  • You can’t travel in them (not true they go cross country)
  • They can’t go up hills (we did 58mph on a 40grade, with three adults, a child, and two rucksacks weighing at least 80lbs test driving the v 5)
  • They’re too expensive (depends on the car, options and what you consider expensive)

I’ve heard so many bad things about these cars. I’ve done tons of research. They really aren’t as bad as people think; in general. I never knew that people were so opinionated about a car. It’s just a damn car! I know people who were trying to talk us out of these cars who were less opinionated about the death penalty!

In the end it boils down to this;

If you don’t want one, don’t buy one.

What I buy and what I drive has absolutely no bearing on your life. I pointed out to a friend of mine that if my husband insists on a 40k dollar car at least he’s getting one this time that will save me on gas money.

His Avalanche was 36k after rebates and trade-in and only gets 14mpg city.

After I crunched the numbers it came down to this lovely spread sheet:

Volt Prius v 5
MSR 43,530 37,527
Trade In 7,500          9,000
Tax Credit 7,500 0
Money Saved Per Yr on Gas 2,217 2,520
Electric Cost for Plugging In 584 0
Trunk Volume 10.6cu ft 21.6cu ft
Volt Prius v 5
Total Cost Before Tax Credit 36030 28527
Total Saved From Gas 33813 26007
Minus Tax Credit 26313 26007
After Plug in Cost 26897 26007

After a year the prices evened out for the most part. In our case the Prius won simply because we don’t know where we’ll be stationed next or if we’d even have an outlet to plug the Volt into. If we didn’t we’d only have an expensive, fun car that got 35mpg.

We seriously lucked out and the dealership where we live had the exact color and options my husband wanted.

So while my husband may have lost his man card he gained a car that can park itself and has more technology than NASA.


About Marcia Young

I’m the wife of an NCO and the mother of one, home schooled, special needs child. I have won several people’s choice awards for my fanfiction under the moniker MLMonty. All of my current published works can be found via Smashwords and other retailers under my nom de plume Marcia Young. I am currently open to finding a new literary agent and publisher.
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