Lego Table, Please.

If you have legos you probably have trouble storing them. Recently lego tables are all the rage. The cheap plastic ones can be as much as 50$. The concept is simple. You have a table with a play plate glued on it and some sort of storage under the table. There are plenty of DIY lego tables out there for those of you who want to try your hand at it.

This lego table cost me less than 20$ The play plate was 9.99$ at Amazon and the wood glue was 3.99$ at my PX.

I started out with the following nightstand. It was part of the bedroom set my mother-in-law bought Nate when he was born. It’s survived 6 moves and 10 years at this point. Problem is he doesn’t use it.

01623eee6cf5227a35355bef4218b016e4dfbd0335When choosing a table or whatever your twisted creative heart desires makes sure it has good bones. After cleaning this up I removed all the hardware.

01491e8f34338d7d17d3305a5382e13470948a641fNext I busted out the shelf on the inside. Then I painted it with the free paint I got a while back. Then I reattached the hardware. I had to move the magnet since I no longer had the shelf it was originally attached to. Unfortunately even drilling new holes for the screws and placing the magnet as far back as possible it still doesn’t allow the door to shut flush anymore.

I left the old stain on instead of taking it off since I’m lazy. Normally I’m against painting wood since I feel it looks tacky and takes away from the warmth and richness of the wood. This, however, is press board. Paint away, I say! I also left the old stain showing through in a nice distressed aged look.

I used simple wood glue to glue a 15×15 play plate onto the top. As you can see by taking the shelf out I can toss legos into the canvas bin without having to open the table. Sadly you can also see that the door really doesn’t shut flush anymore. The magnet is as far back as I can put the screw but, oh well.

One newly remade nightstand turned lego table!


About Marcia Young

I’m the wife of an NCO and the mother of one, home schooled, special needs child. I have won several people’s choice awards for my fanfiction under the moniker MLMonty. All of my current published works can be found via Smashwords and other retailers under my nom de plume Marcia Young. I am currently open to finding a new literary agent and publisher.
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