Unexpected Finds

From my mom I inherited a love of pawing through old stores; junk stores, antique shops, good wills, thrift stores it doesn’t matter. I know there are shows about it finding rare items for dirt cheap and reselling them. There are shows where you find old furniture and other items and upscale them.

But sometimes you come across something that only holds value to you.

During World War II my grandfather was in the Navy. He was stationed in Japan for a brief time and when he made it home he brought my grandmother a set of blue and white china. It wasn’t anything extravagant. It was a set of four saucers, bowls and plates. On the back was stamped Japan before it was glazed and fired. Just the word Japan, not even a date.

As far as I know they hold no value. I’ve never seen others but I’m sure thousands were brought back to the US. This set, however, was given to my grandmother who passed it to my mom, who passed it on to me.

Over the years I’ve been looking for just one plate, bowl and saucer. After three generations we’ve managed to break just one of each. I’ve looked in several countries and just never came across them. It was no big deal but I’d like to have a complete set again.

Then one day I drug my husband out shopping. He hated it but I wanted to see if the Armani dress was still at our local thrift store. I also wanted to see if they had any high-end purses or unusual items for future gifts.

There buried under miscellaneous jars and kitchen items was my grandmother’s plate.

IMG_1070Better condition than the ones I already had and just 3$. I’m 1/3 closer to completing a set that’s been fractured for roughly a decade.


About Marcia Young

I’m the wife of an NCO and the mother of one, home schooled, special needs child. I have won several people’s choice awards for my fanfiction under the moniker MLMonty. All of my current published works can be found via Smashwords and other retailers under my nom de plume Marcia Young. I am currently open to finding a new literary agent and publisher.
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