Pillow Cover

With the advent of summer in full swing I find myself super busy. We have birthdays every month right now plus Father’s Day. The doctor appointments I wish would just be forgotten about but I’m told they’re necessary. Somewhere in there is a vacation; though I’ve been so busy I’m not sure when it happened.

As a result of the summer rush around here I have a long list of projects that I had planned to do but never got around to. I finally marked off at least one!

… It’s been on the back burner for months sadly and it wasn’t even very hard.

A few years ago my mom and step-dad went on a cruise and brought me a back a beautiful blue silk dress. At the time it was way too big so I had it altered. Now, however, it’s too small and I have no idea if I’d even fit into it again. My plan was to use the fabric for a pillow.

This way I get to enjoy the fabric and pattern without the guilt of having to get rid of the dress. Besides I love reusing things. 😉

CSC_0004It might not match my tan sofa but I don’t mind. I love that fabric! I’m making sure to save the scraps for a few other projects I have on back burner.


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