Project Eight: Barrettes

Project Eight


Feathers are pretty popular right now from barrettes, to earrings, to necklaces and even body jewelry. I like them but not enough to spend sometimes as much as three dollars on a single barrette.  So we’re going to make our own for a lot less.

P1020878You will probably be required to buy feathers unless you happen to have some laying around from another project or harvested them from something. Using an old barrette is preferable.

Look for feathers with the clear plastic loop. Take your barrette, preferably this style since it’s easiest, and simply slip the loop over the barrette pushing it snuggly into the corner. If you manage to find this type of feather it has a bonus of being able to be removed when you’re tired of them and being reusable. And reusing supplies saves money. Saving money is ALWAYS a good thing.

Once the loops are slipped to the back you’re done!

My son was unwilling to let me put a feather barrette in his hair so he volunteered his bear… after coercion.

I did however have lots of fun chasing him around the house pretending that I would put it in his hair.

Now things don’t always go as planned. You might for instance not be able to find feathers with those handy loops or your loop could brake like mine did.

An easy solution is a hot glue gun or if your braver than me superglue.

Don’t forget to put the paper under the glue gun if yours doesn’t have a stand. Old receipts or newspaper make wonderful catchalls for those glue piles that dribble out. If using superglue you want something under your project as well to prevent gluing your project to the table.

And please, PLEASE, remember to use gloves when working with superglue. We don’t want the feathers to become a permanent part of you, no matter how pretty they may be.

This is still a very simple project. Heat up the glue gun as per its instructions, dab a small dot onto the barrette.

Quickly before the glue dries press the feather or feathers into the glue; up, down, sideways, however your creative heart desires. Hot glue and superglue both dry fast so you will need to work quickly.

…odd I’m missing a bear.

I think it was liberated when my back was turned…




This barrette was one that the pattern had long ago faded on. I found I never wore it because of that little fact though the catch worked just fine. Now however it’s a frequent addition to my wardrobe.


Idea: Don’t limit yourself to feathers by any means. Try gluing on ribbons, curled or bowed. Perhaps you have a fancy for buttons? The technique is sound and that’s all the really matters to allow your imagination to run wild.


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