Project Five: A Bit of Vine and a Dash of Feathers

So I have this old skirt I rarely wear and couldn’t think of a way to upscale it. I’ve also wanted to experiment with feathers lately. I have no idea why, but I have. So I came up with the following.

You’ll need an old skirt, wire cutters, thread, a hand needle and whatever you’re sewing on. In this case I used a nice bendy vine and three pin feathers from the floral department at a craft store.

This MUST be hand sewn. Also please remember that after adding your flower, feather, what have you the garment it no longer able to be washed it must be dry cleaned to prevent damage to the accessories.

Use the wire cutters to cut off just a section of the vine. The vine had handy little holes in it that I’m pretty sure were meant for flower embellishments. Well I don’t want flowers I want feathers. So trim the stem of the feathers short enough for the feathers to fit in nicely. Discard the excess or save for a future project. Yes even the steams of the feathers can be saved. I’m plotting now on how I can use them.

Insert your feathers into the vine and twist and turn till you’re happy with the outcome.  Now when I wore this out I lost a feather so to prevent that think of a way to secure the feather to the vine. I recommend a hot glue gun or if you’re brave super glue. Just add a dab to the feather before positioning it.

Now this part needs to be hand sewn. So don’t fuss to me if you try to use your machine and break a needle! …Not that I tried it…

Now I dug out a hoop from my cross stitching days and used it to assist with the sewing, it’s not needed however. What is needed is tight stitches to prevent the weight of the vine from snapping the thread. Sew every part that rests against the skirt. Stitch those bits tighter than a straightjacket or my purse strings!

If you are using a hoop be aware that you’ll be sewing the hoop under the vine and that the hoop needs to be able to come apart enough to get it out.

Once everything is sewn nice and tight you’re done!

…I have the urge to add more vine till it climbs up the side of the skirt and wraps partially around my hips.

Only time will tell if I decide to add more.

It was easy but a lot of work! As oxymoronically as that is it’s true; pat yourself on your back for a job well done.

Idea: While I like additions that make a garment three dimensional not everyone wants to be on constant alert of snagging on things. Try sewing on ribbon or adding grommets in a way that makes a tree, curl around your leg; trunk, branches and all. Nothing is stopping you from slitting up the side of your skirt then sewing in vibrant orange fishnet; perhaps a series of ties instead?


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