Project Four: Wall Art so Easy My Eight Year Old Can do it. Literally

We move a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT, try five towns in eight years between two continents a lot. One thing that has begun to bug me over the years is white walls. Most of the places we rent only have walls in three shades; white, off-white and eggshell. It’s enough to drive a person mad. In our case even if we could get permission to paint them it often isn’t worth the effort in either time or money.

Enter solution.

For this you’ll need canvas, or something similar like colored sheet stock. Paint if you need it and or wall decals.

Once you have that you get to have some serious fun. If using canvas and you don’t want it white raid your kid’s paint supply and get to priming the canvas. Nate chose to prime his by painting it entirely blue.

Garages are great places for the kids to do this!

Once the paint has dried it’s time to place the decals. Simply follow the directions for the ones you buy and plan where they go BEFORE you stick them on.

Nate picked out mirrors for his room. A pack of 24 polka dot mirrors cost me a little less than 20$ at Hobby Lobby. Canvas and stock is fairly cheap as well allowing you to go as large or small as your creative heart desires. The two pack of canvas he picked out for his room was less than 4$.

After arguing with your child that it wastes money to buy a huge package of mirrors for him to only use two, you’re done!

For those of you who want to do this for living rooms, bedrooms or anywhere else you wish you had art but can’t afford it, it’s great.

Personally I adore art but can rarely afford. My Landrock was a onetime splurge and art goes up and up in price. This is an easy alternative that lets you express your creativity as well as allow you to toss it in a closet later, without guilt, when you decide you need something more to your current tastes.

If you go with colored sheet stock, a pre-made frame and wall decals. This project is done in only the time it takes you to decide the exactly how you want it to look.




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