Project Six: The Jean Skirt!

I’m going to do this thrice. The first skirt is done in the traditional way. I don’t like it. It makes it look like well what it is; a pair of shorts with a piece of fabric sewn in. I make a variation of this that I love. I’ll provide pictures of the classic version as well as two variations I like to use.

First you’re going to need your old pants or shorts as well as spare fabric. Unless these are your fat jeans you’re going to need to add fabric to make them fit.

Note: The longer you go in length the more spare fabric you’ll need.

First cut along the inseam making sure to completely remove the old seam.

Now that the jeans are open you’ll need to sew the fly over on both sides and measure out how much fabric you’ll need to seal the gap.

I hate the way that looks! Just a word of the wise if you attempt to trim that off and sew it flat it’ll look weird by being too smooth and puckering.

I cheated a bit measuring out the spare fabric. I simply spread the shorts wide and traced down to include the hem. Since I included the hem I have one less thing to sew later.

Flip the jeans inside out, pin them in place and sew a new seam.

Repeat those steps for the other side. You can leave a small slit in the back for movement if you prefer.

This is the way it’ll look when done; more or less depending on your skill level and patience. Like I said previously; I’m not a fan of this style.

This variation is one I made from my husband’s old ACU’s and an old sheet. Now my husband is thinner than I am so in order for me to wear it I had to let it out.

I cut it all the way up the back and front. This had buttons instead of a zipper so it was easier. I did however leave the top button.

Once cut and the old seams removed I measured the sheet like I did above then sewed it in. This was so popular that the day I wore it to the PX I was complimented on it no less than ten times and even had one woman follow me down three isles to ask that I make her one. And to think I was worried people would laugh at a handmade skirt!

Now this last variation is almost identical except that it’s up the sides. Again I needed to add inches since they were old jeans I loved but would NEVER fit into again.

See how the area where the knees dip together? That would prevent you from walking well… at all really if you didn’t add fabric for movement.

If you make this variation you cut up the side, remove seams, measure and add fabric like before. There is one thing to be watchful for; pockets and grommets.

Those lovely decorative metal disks will tear up your machine if you don’t remove them. If you want to keep your pocket make sure you align them correctly so that when you sew the seam you sew the pocket back shut.

If your jeans actually fit you and you don’t need them taken in or out consider adding the fabric just from the knees down. That way you’d get the movement needed and they still fit. I don’t know why you’d want to cut up well fitting jeans though. They’re hard enough to find!


Idea: Have a shirt you love that doesn’t fit anymore? Try the techniques above to add a few extra inches to the side. Slit up the side seam and even the sleeve if you desire, and add a strip of fabric loosening the shirt and adding a new flare to an old favorite. Make a slit down the back of your shirt and sew in some ribbon creating a lattice work effect.


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