Resources for Sewing


A Quick Reference on where to find directions in the book.


The directions for a drawstring or hidden elastic are in project ten.

The directions for making straps are in project one.

A brief look at sewing elastic to a project where it is going to be visible is in project nine.

Directions on adding sleeves are in project three.


A Short Quick Look at Books and Sites for the Beginner Sewer


To help you on your road to sewing experimentation and perfection here are my top four picks.   is an excellent source of original patterns, videos and she even has a book or two.   their site is free to join with thousands of patterns; many of which are free. It also sports tutorials as well as where to buy their books.  has step by step instructions, definitions and patterns available for the beginner and experimental sewer.

The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book by Joan Wiener Bordow and Sharon Rosenberg was definitely the inspiration that got me kick started on Frankenstein Sewing. While I have seen the same ideas presented a thousand times in just as many ways this book explains the concepts clearly.



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