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Swimsuit Cover

Okay, so I made this ages ago; and then got sick, and then got busy, and before I knew it was January. So I’m finally posting this! Keeping with my new brand Fashionably Thin I used a skeleton’s ribcage to … Continue reading

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Clones Knot Barefoot Sandals

Ah, barefoot sandals. They let you go barefoot while adding a touch of class. Okay, so they just dress up your feet a bit. These were more an experiment than a serious attempt but they came out well. Yarn: Aunt … Continue reading

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Bug Repellent

It might look odd but it serves three purposes: places my window boxes in a place the plants won’t get sunburned prevents my boxes and chairs from blowing away in high winds as a bug repellent When we first moved … Continue reading

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Desert Shots

With the onset of summer it not only brings soaring temps reaching triple digits it also brings the summer rains. Flash flood warnings are nearly a daily occurrence as well as threats of wild fires brought by lightening. This yearly … Continue reading

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