Punishable Deed; a Synopsis Including Spoilers

Punishable Deed is a story about an act of good will that costs Kyla Sumpter everything from her friends to her very home and nearly costs her, her life. Taking place on an Earth co-inhabited with an ancient race of plant-based people called Verians; Kyla receives a desperate late night call from her childhood friend Sarah. Sarah begs her to take in a young woman she’s never met, Käthe Ioffe, who is pregnant with a hybrid, the rare offspring of a verian/human coupling. Käthe’s verian boyfriend Okey may very well end her life when he finds out. The plan is simple; Kyla will take Käthe in only until her brother Zanthos Edelweiss can collect her and relocate her to a safe place.

Kyla and Sarah’s simple plan takes a turn for the worst almost from the start. Miscommunication and lack of information starts a downward cycle causing a delay in Zanthos being notified.  Believing that Okey would abandon his hold over Käthe once she fled they aren’t prepared for his relentless pursuit of her. Just as Kyla believes her good deed is over and she’s none the worse for wear she receives troubling news. Sarah and her boyfriend have been brutally murdered. Packing off her guests she assures them she’ll be fine only to have the trouble find her in the form of Okey. After being warned that Okey is on the hunt Zanthos rushes to Kyla’s aid after sending his sister to safety. His sense of honor and budding feelings for Kyla demands that he assists her.

After a near miss and a harrowing flight from Okey it’s decided that he must be stopped. It’s revealed that Kyla is more than the powerless human she appears to be, and she insists on helping to set the trap for Okey. The couple grows closer while waiting for a possible killer. One flight across the country later the couple squares off against Okey in a setting they believe will involve the fewest innocents. Things once again don’t go quite as planed when a jealous Käthe shows up mid fight, but Okey is finally apprehended. After going their separate ways Kyla returns home only to realize that she literally has nothing but the clothes on her back and her family left. Her home destroyed and jobless she’s surprised one evening to find Zanthos has showed up. He offers her a job and a chance at a relationship between them, not being a “blind fool” she accepts.


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